Clothes Dryer Tips

It is very important that a clothes dryer is used as per the manufacturers specifications, if they are not used correctly they can quickly become a fire hazard.

You Fire Trianglemay have seen the fire triangle in the past, the three elements you need to sustain a fire are – heat, oxygen, and fuel. As you can imagine a poorly maintained or incorrectly used clothes dryer create the perfect environment to start a fire. Any clothing or fluff that gets too hot and begins to smolder has plenty of oxygen to ignite.

Clean filter after each load

This is the number one rule of dryers, you must clean the lint filter after each load. This not only saves you money and cuts down on drying time but it prevents the machine from overheating. If your machine cuts off it is usually a sign the machine does not have good air flow, there could be a number of factors that have caused this but the first thing to check is that the lint filter is clean.

Replace torn lint filters

It is important that you replace a torn filter. Torn filters allow dust and lint to enter the machine and once this builds up it can become an extreme fire hazard.

Why does my refrigerator not cool?

A refrigerator not cool is one of the most common faults that is reported to us, there are many and varied reasons why a fridge will not cool but I will go through the most common causes.

Ice build up

Most modern fridges are frost free meaning that you do not need to defrost them manually. When something goes wrong ice builds up in the air ducts and evaporator stopping the cold air from flowing throughout your fridge.

Some of the reasons for the ice build up are

  • Faulty defrost component
  • Blocked drain
  • Door left open
  • Broken door seal
  • Faulty computer board

Often if you leave the fridge off for 24 hours with the doors open it will rectify the problem but in the cases where it is a faulty component it will only be a temporary fix and will revert back to the previous state.

Motor not running

If you cannot hear the compressor running the thermostat or computer board could be faulty.

Motor clicking every few minutes

This could possibly be a very serious problem, usually it is a sign that the motor is seized or a winding burnt out. If this is the case it is one of the most major faults a fridge can have and the repairs may exceed the value of the fridge.

Motor running but fridge and freezer warm

Often this is a sign that there is problem with the sealed system, in other words the pipework. There could be a blockage in the pipework or the refrigerator may have lost its refrigerant because of a rusted or broken pipe. This is another serious problem that may write off the fridge.

Fan in freezer not running

This fault only relates to frost free freezers. The fan pushes the cold air throughout the fridge and if the fan motor is not running the refrigerator cannot cool correctly.

Note –

These faults are only meant as a general guide and are not meant as a definitive answer as to how to fix the fridge or if the fridge is worth repair.

If you wish to book a service call to have your refrigerator checked by a licensed technician please book through our contact us page or call one of our friendly staff members.

Gold Coast rains make dryers essential

The relentless heavy rains since Australia Day right through February have made having a working dryer a necessity for many apartment and high rise unit owners on the Gold Coast. Hanging your clothes inside to dry just does not cut it for many families.
simpson-dryersAlways, Always, Always clean the lint filter after each load of washing, this not only makes your dryer run more efficiently and dry your clothes faster it reduces the risk of a fire starting.The volume of clothes many families go through on a week by week basis is far too much to try and dry out over clothes horses and furniture. By doing some simple preventative maintenance yourself you can help keep your dryer in running order.

At least every few months check that any intake vents on the rear of the dryer are clear of dust and fluff. This is neglected for years on dryers that are hung on walls, this reduces the air flow through the appliance and can cause them to over heat and cut out. Simply vacuum off any dust from the intake vents to keep the dryer running at optimum efficiency.

Check the filter for tears or holes, if the filter has a hole replace it immediately as fluff can pass through the hole and lodge on the heater, greatly increasing the risk of fire.

We stock a range of spare parts for all the leading brands of clothes dryers such as –

  • Simpson
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Hoover
  • Electrolux

You can order spare parts online at and have them sent to you.

Fridge Tips

Keep fridge clean

It is important to keep your fridge clean and in good running order. Food that is not kept at the correct temperature can quickly begin to turn rotten. This food can harbor bacteria and when digested can cause food poisoning.

Pet hair on pipes

Many side by side fridges and older fridges need their condensers cleaned of dust and pet hair (this is the black pipes underneath or at the back). When the condensers become clogged with dust etc. the refrigerator will not run efficiently and in extreme cases the fridge could stop cooling all together. With many modern fridges the condenser is enclosed inside the panels to give a cleaner look.

Panels are hot

We regularly get calls saying that the exterior panels of their refrigerator feel hot to touch. Manufacturers will install hot gas pipes or heaters just under the external panels to prevent condensation, so it is quite normal for outer panels to feel warm. If a large heat load, such as grocery shopping or a slab of beer has been placed in the fridge the panels will feel hotter than usual.

Frost building up

It is not normal for a large layer of ice to be forming on the rear wall of a frost free freezer. You will normally notice that food is not as cold as it should be or ice cream and bread have gone soft. This is a sign that the freezer is not defrosting itself regularly. On average most frost free fridges defrost themselves every six to eight hours.

Water on floor

On many occasions this is a sign that the internal drain is blocked and water will be found under the crisper bins or on the floor. Because fridge drains are always cold and wet a sludge forms in the drain and blocks it. Ice is another cause of drains blocking but sometimes this can be a sign of a more sinister problem.

Rust on outer panels

The sea air of the Gold Coast causes corrosion and rust on a lot of items and your fridge is not exempt. If you wipe down the outside of your fridge regularly this will help prevent rust. An additional layer of protection would be to apply car polish once or twice a year to the metal panels. Fridge magnets can trap condensation under them and exasperate the rust problem.

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