Washing Machine Tips

There are some simple procedures you can follow to help avoid costly breakdowns and repairs. Some of the washing machine tips may seem like common sense but mistakes happen more often than you may think.

    1. Place items like bras, small socks, handkerchiefs and delicate items in a laundry bag this will help prevent them getting jammed between the bowls or in the pump.
    2. Check pockets for bobby pins, rivets, screws and coins, all these items can cause serious damage to the machine and potentially write it off.
    3. Many people believe that the more soaps and detergents they use the cleaner their clothes will be. The opposite is true, excess softeners and soaps cause a huge sludge and build up in the machine, as this dries out it causes black and brown flakes which can stain the clothes. A general rule of thumb is that you can use half to two thirds of what the packet recommends.
    4. Always check your user manual for the correct settings before placing a service call.
    5. Never connect a smaller diameter hose, such as a garden hose, to the outlet hose to water the garden. The pumps are not designed to handle this load and it may also cause damage to the computer boards.

More tips will be coming.

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  1. Hey There,

    My “Newish” Machine has flickering lights on the electrical board when I turn the dial for a normal wash, but if I turn the dial and lift the lid a tiny bit, it displays as it would normally, would you be aware of what this is? and if so how much will it cost and when could I make an appointment for someone to come and fix it please 🙂


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