Fridge Tips

Keep fridge clean

It is important to keep your fridge clean and in good running order. Food that is not kept at the correct temperature can quickly begin to turn rotten. This food can harbor bacteria and when digested can cause food poisoning.

Pet hair on pipes

Many side by side fridges and older fridges need their condensers cleaned of dust and pet hair (this is the black pipes underneath or at the back). When the condensers become clogged with dust etc. the refrigerator will not run efficiently and in extreme cases the fridge could stop cooling all together. With many modern fridges the condenser is enclosed inside the panels to give a cleaner look.

Panels are hot

We regularly get calls saying that the exterior panels of their refrigerator feel hot to touch. Manufacturers will install hot gas pipes or heaters just under the external panels to prevent condensation, so it is quite normal for outer panels to feel warm. If a large heat load, such as grocery shopping or a slab of beer has been placed in the fridge the panels will feel hotter than usual.

Frost building up

It is not normal for a large layer of ice to be forming on the rear wall of a frost free freezer. You will normally notice that food is not as cold as it should be or ice cream and bread have gone soft. This is a sign that the freezer is not defrosting itself regularly. On average most frost free fridges defrost themselves every six to eight hours.

Water on floor

On many occasions this is a sign that the internal drain is blocked and water will be found under the crisper bins or on the floor. Because fridge drains are always cold and wet a sludge forms in the drain and blocks it. Ice is another cause of drains blocking but sometimes this can be a sign of a more sinister problem.

Rust on outer panels

The sea air of the Gold Coast causes corrosion and rust on a lot of items and your fridge is not exempt. If you wipe down the outside of your fridge regularly this will help prevent rust. An additional layer of protection would be to apply car polish once or twice a year to the metal panels. Fridge magnets can trap condensation under them and exasperate the rust problem.

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