Fridge Repairs Gold Coast

It can be disastrous when your fridge breaks down….you need service as soon as possible before the food begins to spoil. Obviously in warmer weather this time frame to repair the fridge can be a lot shorter.

Summer is a torturous time for fridges they are loaded up for Christmas parties, the children are in and out of them all day whilst they are on holidays and summer storms are usually the final straw for these overworked appliances. This does not mean that a fridge will not break down at other times of year it just means that more of them will break down in summer.

Our company gives priority to fridge repairs as most people can last a day or two without a dishwasher or washing machine, but without a fridge life gets difficult real fast.

Things to check before calling a fridge technicianFridge Repair

  • Check the fridge is plugged in (seems crazy I know but it does happen)
  • Check the fridge is turned on (you would not believe how common this is)
  • Check if there are large ice build ups anywhere (if so take photo to show technician)
  • Is it leaking water from anywhere and if so where abouts
  • Have the condenser pipes been cleaned (modern fridges may not have accessible pipes)
  • Is the fridge making any strange noises and if so where are they coming from
  • Are any of the fridge door seals broken (most of these we can change)
  • If it is a computerized fridge make sure you write down any fault codes or flashing light sequences

If it is not a refrigerator problem you can solve on your own we are here to help, call one of our friendly staff on (07) 5500 5744 to have them arrange a service call.

Fridge Repairs Gold Coast can also perform the following services to your refrigerator –

  • Fridge water filter replacement
  • Fridge door seal replacement
  • Insurance claims
  • Water connection of ice and water fridges
  • Removal damage
  • Fridge door removal for narrow doors on houses