Clothes Dryer Tips

It is very important that a clothes dryer is used as per the manufacturers specifications, if they are not used correctly they can quickly become a fire hazard.

You Fire Trianglemay have seen the fire triangle in the past, the three elements you need to sustain a fire are – heat, oxygen, and fuel. As you can imagine a poorly maintained or incorrectly used clothes dryer create the perfect environment to start a fire. Any clothing or fluff that gets too hot and begins to smolder has plenty of oxygen to ignite.

Clean filter after each load

This is the number one rule of dryers, you must clean the lint filter after each load. This not only saves you money and cuts down on drying time but it prevents the machine from overheating. If your machine cuts off it is usually a sign the machine does not have good air flow, there could be a number of factors that have caused this but the first thing to check is that the lint filter is clean.

Replace torn lint filters

It is important that you replace a torn filter. Torn filters allow dust and lint to enter the machine and once this builds up it can become an extreme fire hazard.

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