MKR ovens let contestants down

In the latest series of My Kitchen Rules (MKR) the contestants’ scores have suffered because of the ovens. The first contestants that began getting stressed was the Greek couple, Steve and Helen, there was just not enough heat in the oven. They stated that they had  just had a new oven installed the night before. Unfortunately lack of experience is what had shot their stress levels up.

The incident was slightly embarrassing for Steve who is an electrician and might have known better. Their wall oven, which looked like a Smeg, has numerous functions and apparently the couple had set it to the wrong function.

Many of the higher end ovens have 4 to 8 different options and I would say that they had only one low wattage element on instead of 2 elements or a fan element. Studying the manual would have revealed these options to them.

Always check the oven is on the correct setting before placing a service call.

The second couple to fall victim to the low temperature oven was the Kiwi’s, Simon and Meg, I did feel sorry for them. Did I just say that? We do want the Aussies to win don’t we?

It would appear that one of the elements had blown and because the were cooking pavlova they were unable to use a fan forced setting on the oven. If they had been cooking anything else they probably could have used one of the other functions on the oven.

A blown element is one of the most common faults and the most likely causes for an oven not to heat.

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